Ciana Anthony, BS

Research Technician

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Ciana Anthony is a Research Technician responsible for supporting the research goals of the PCLRU by processing and storing biofluid samples and maintaining cell lines, all while fully immersing myself into the fascinating field that is pediatric neuro-oncology.

Prior to joining D3b in August 2022, Ciana spent three years at the University of the Sciences coordinating and preparing necessary materials for several discovery-based teaching laboratories in the biology department. She also spent some time at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital to support clinical oncology research and biobanking efforts before deciding to bring her skillset to D3b.

Ciana earned a BS in Pre-Medical Studies from Thomas Jefferson University and is currently pursuing a MS in Genomics at St. Joseph’s University.  As a member of the PCLRU, her mission is to continue to effectively contribute to oncology research efforts to the best of her ability as we work towards new breakthroughs. She hopes to one day pursue a PhD to advance her career in research and use her education and knowledge to further explore the epigenetic mechanisms and genetic biomarkers related to the treatment of pediatric cancers. Being at CHOP brings her one step closer every day to achieving these goals.