Max Beck, BSc

Research Technician

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Christopher (Max) Beck is a Research Technician responsible for working with the liquid biopsy efforts and Kentucky Project collaborations. He is also assisting with the Center’s mouse research activities.

Prior to joining the D3b Center in June 0f 2021, Max was involved at the Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy, Nemours Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

Max completed a BS with an interdepartmental major between neuroscience and cultural anthropology at Duke University. He is committed to learning from the incredible researchers at D3B and hopes to positively contribute towards the lab’s overarching objectives. He hopes to better understand how breakthroughs at the bench top can be applied to clinical applications. Max has worked and volunteered almost exclusively in children’s health care centers because he believes childrens’ healthcare has the greatest potential to significantly impact so many people and assure they live a meaningful, lasting life.