Justine Rizzo, BS

Clinical Research Coordinator

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Justine Rizzo is a Clinical Research Coordinator responsible for patient consenting, patient participant scheduling, laboratory procedures and follow-up care in compliance with HIPAA and other hospital regulations.

Prior to joining the D3b Center in August of 2021, Justine worked at a non-profit called the National Disease Research Interchange that was responsible for the placement of donated tissues and organs that were authorized for research. As part of her role, Justine evaluated donor histories against the researchers’ protocol requirements to access compatibility, coordinate shipments and delivery, facilitate data collection and data entry and ensure that the information was correctly updated and processed so their protocol had all the required documentation and medical history to match their study.

Justine completed a BS in public health with a minor in nutrition from West Chester University. She is currently pursuing an MPH degree from Temple University. She is committed to doing as much as possible to make a positive difference for families and patients to give the best outcome for a better a healthier future for everyone. Justine is driven by the Center’s mission, purpose, and goals that CHOP sets for their patients.