Erin Lemin, BA

Biospecimen Research Coordinator

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Erin Lemin is a Biospecimen Research Coordinator responsible for working with data in relation to different studies at D3b. She is tasked with data management for Craniofacial, Pario, Vascular, and other internal studies.  Erin is also responsible for accessioning and storing samples, entering patient data into various databases, following up on patients’ data/specimens, and other general lab and office procedures. Additionally, Erin is responsible for collecting blood from different departments within the hospitals in order to process them through the BioRC.

Prior to joining the D3b Center in March of 2022, Erin worked in labs at LabCorp’s main processing center in Burlington, NC, where she was a machine operator for urine tests in the Microbiology Department. She also worked on several other benches within the department, including the molecular department testing COVID. She anticipates completing a future masters or doctoral program at Penn. Erin also has experience working in accessioning in a women’s healthcare laboratory.

Erin completed a BA in Biological Anthropology from UNC Greensboro. She is committed to being on the forefront of such amazing research! She has developed a passion for working to discover cures and enjoys playing an active role in healthcare.