Erin Lemin, BA

Biospecimen Research Coordinator

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Erin Lemin is a Biospecimen Research Coordinator with a primary focus on pediatric and adult brain and CNS tumors as well as congenital birth defects. She manages the receiving, accessioning of samples, and specimen related data entry for the Pario Group, Craniofacial Pathologies, Cerebrovascular Malformations, Epilepsy study, Urology study, PC4C and NTTB. She also works on various QC projects for the center to assure accurate data entry and delivery.

Prior to joining D3b in March 2022, Erin worked as a specimen processing specialist at LabCorp in the Microbiology department where she conducted comprehensive testing for a variety of pathogens. She also worked as an accessioner for a women’s health lab, ensuring specimen integrity and QC’ing existing patient data.

Erin completed her B.A in Biological Anthropology with a focus in Human Osteology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is committed to being on the forefront of such amazing research and has developed a passion for working to discover future cures for pediatric diseases.