Run Jin, PhD

Bioinformatics Scientist

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Under the Bioinformatics Scientist role, I will mainly leverage software and system engineering to perform both upstream and downstream large-scale genomic analysis. I will be involved in brain tumor research and clinical trials projects characterized with multiple next-generation sequencing or microarray technologies, such as WGS, WES, Targeted Panel, RNA-seq, miRNA, methylation, proteomics and scRNA-seq. The primary goal is to support radiogenomic projects and data integration efforts that drive D3b’s research projects and support scientific teams and projects as a bioinformatics domain expert.

During my PhD study, I characterized the properties of a plant pioneer transcription factors that licenses flower cell fate through integration of epigenetic profiling and multiple next generation sequencing data sets, including ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and MNase-seq. After graduation, I joined Thomas Jefferson University Hospital as a Bioinformatician/Genomic Scientist and I have lead research projects utilizing multi-omic datasets available from TCGA. I have also maintained two home-brew applications that monitor clinical workflow, store and track specimen results by respective comprehensive genetic profiling panels. I also implement pipelines for filtering and sorting of called variants by third-party applications.

Inspired by the vision of D3b center, I believe that the next phase of research breakthroughs will likely stem from the processing, integration, and interrogation of the wealth of genomic and clinical data available. I want to be part of this visionary team and contribute to scientific discoveries and patient care as much as I can.