Data Analytics Management & Engineering Unit

Develops platforms, pipelines and tools for big-data analyticsAbout DAMEU

The Data Analytics Management & Engineer Unit (DAME) supports genomic and molecular analysis, data visualization, platform development, data intake, management, curation and integration, high-performance computing, security and privacy, database architecture, cloud-computing, access management, and distributed systems.


Priority Projects:

  • Kids First Data Resource Center
  • Kids First Data Resource Portal
  • Cavatica architecture

    D3b Leadership
    (From left) CRU Director Angela Waanders, MD, MPH; D3b Directors Jay Storm, MD and Adam Resnick, PhD and (seated) Yuankun Zhu, bioinformatician, explore the features of CAVATICA, a cloud-based pediatric cancer data platform developed by the D3b Center.
  • Cavatica on SBG (Seven Bridges Genomics)
  • PedscBioportal
  • Patient Portal
  • AWS/Cavatica data structure and authentication
  • Security protocol and auditing
  • Data access management and reporting


  • Brain Tumor Atlas
  • Pan Cancer Data Integration
  • OPEN DIPG Data Integration