Our Vision

Breakthroughs for every child, every time, everywhere.

Our Mission

The mission of The Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine is to build a transformative healthcare discovery ecosystem providing innovative care for all children through collaborative, data driven science.

Center-wide Goals FY18

D3b_mission_1_globe   D3b_mission_1

1) Broadening the scope of the Center-supported ecosystem to include more stakeholders such as adult patients/consortia, rare-disease foundations and payers to enable more robust data comparisons across rare, pediatric, and adult data and evaluate clinical sequencing integration.

2 ) Developing “disease specific” initiatives that fully harness the ecosystem across research and clinical trials.

3) Broadening the international outreach and scope of the ecosystem.

4) Broadening the patient contribution and partnerships within the ecosystem.

Goal_3_mission     Goal 3

1) Developing seamless clinical data integration and data-informed diagnostic workflows in the context of every surgical event.

Goal_2_globe     Goal_3

1) Empowering the access and use of the Brain Tumor Atlas.

2) Supporting data integration and deposition of non brain tumor data into CAVATICA.

Goal_4_grad     Goal 4

1) Creating and defining a data-science training and internship program for high school, undergraduate, graduate/medical, fellows, and collaborative partners.