Cole-Reagins Registry for Sinonasal Cancer (CORSICA)


Funded by the Cole-Reagins Family Foundation after the death of a family member from sinus cancer, the Cole-Reagins Registry for Sinonasal Cancer (CORSICA) is a Stanford University-led initiative which includes seven of the leading, patient-enrolling cancer centers in the country.

CORSICA was developed to improve doctors’ abilities to assess the long-term outcomes of treatment for patients with sinonasal cancer. Dr. Peter Hwang, MD of Stanford University, along with fellow Stanford faculty member Dr. Chris Holsinger, MD, conceived a multi-institutional clinical registry that uses cloud-based computing to evaluate treatment outcomes in patients with sinonasal cancer. Due to the low incidence of sinonasal malignancy (0.5 to 1 case per 100,000) however, available research literature provides inconsistent guidance regarding the best practices for treating these patients. By leveraging cloud-based computing and through collaborations across multiple institutions, the CORSICA initiative is positioned to become a model of future registry development in the study of other rare diseases in otolaryngology.

This project will leverage the D3b Center’s expertise and platforms to integrate CORSICA biospecimen, clinical, and genomic data to accelerate CORSICA’s biospecimen-based research. D3b will serve as both the biospecimen repository and genomic data management center for CORSICA. D3b’s scope of work for this project includes all infrastructure planning, execution, implementation, and training in support of biorepository activities; phenotypic data management integration linked to the biospecimen; and complex genomic and molecular data management and visualization.

Primary Aims

  1. Accelerate and improve CORSICA research by adding biospecimen collection to existing clinical data collection processed and leverage the biospecimen repository infrastructure, expertise and sample handling technology of the Biorepository Core at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.
  2. Accelerate CORSICA translational research by leveraging innovative, web-based, research applications for data visualization and discovery at the D3b Center.

Principal Investigators

Jay Storm, MD – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Adam Resnick, PhD – Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Nithin Adappa, MD – University of Pennsylvania

Daniel Beswick, MD – University of Colorado

Peter Hwang, MD – Stanford University

Ian Humphreys, DO – University of Washington

Eric Wang, MD – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 

Eugene Chang, MD – University of Arizona

Jeffrey Suh, MD – University of California, Los Angeles


Participating Institutions





D3b Study Team Contacts

Clinical Research Program Manager: Jenn Mason,

Biospecimen Research Lead: Elizabeth Appert,

Clinical Research Coordinator: Kaitlin Lehmann,

Research Technician: Luke Patterson,