Philadelphia Coalition for a Cure (PC4C)

About the Philadelphia Coalition for A Cure

The Philadelphia Coalition for a Cure (PC4C) is a first-in-kind, regional collaboration spanning across academic and healthcare systems for assessing, promoting and facilitating the use of leading technologies and data-driven research on behalf of patients diagnosed with brain and other cancers. This consortium of medical institutions is dedicated to the ongoing development of a collaborative platform of basic research and clinical trials on behalf of patients affected by cancer across the Philadelphia tri-state area. PC4C was established in 2017 in recognition of the opportunities for advancing precision medicine approaches for cancer patients through integrative, biospecimen and data-driven discovery approaches that span across all ages and across cancers.

Primary Aims

  • To collect high quality, clinically and longitudinally-annotated biospecimens suitable for inclusion in research; beginning with genomic and proteomic cancer studies underpinned by abnormal cell growth and proliferation.
  • Provide the opportunity for future analyses using these biospecimens to result in a greater understanding of the molecular changes driving diverse cancers and their responses to therapies as informed by an individual patient’s genome, transcriptome, proteome and phosphoproteome, as well as other post-translational modifications and pathway activation present in tumors.

Participating Institutions

D3b Center                                   




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