Advanced Data Applications & Platform Technologies Unit

Develop platforms, pipelines and tools for big-data analytics

The Advanced Data Applications & Platform Technologies Unit (ADAPT) empowers data-science approaches throughout the entire scientific and translational research process. ADAPT team members are responsible for designing, building, and operating software platforms and infrastructure for management, distribution, and scalable analysis of data.

Priority Projects:

  • Gabriella Miller Kids First Data Resource Center
  • Kids First Data Resource Portal
  • Cavatica architecture
  • Cavatica on SBG (Seven Bridges Genomics)
  • PedscBioportal
  • Patient Portal
  • AWS/Cavatica data structure and authentication
  • Security protocol and auditing
  • Data access management and reporting


  • Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas (PBTA)
  • Pan Cancer Data Integration
  • OPEN DIPG Data Integration