The Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine’s (D³b) research programs continue to drive innovation in translational research discoveries, clinical trials, and standards of care for children and adults diagnosed with devastating diseases. D³b’s scientific expertise and diverse research platforms target pediatric cancers and diseases of childhood development, with pediatric brain tumors as a driving area of research emphasis.

Childhood brain tumors represent the leading cause of disease-related death in children, as those affected have had limited treatment options and often must endure toxic therapies, which have remained largely unchanged over the past 50 years. Although neurosurgical techniques continue to improve, surgery is often not curative or a viable option for many children.

Since 2016, D³b has worked to develop a collaborative, translational and trans-disciplinary research methodology to support and align with CHOP Neurosurgery’s research programs and objectives. The methodology is powered by newly-developed platforms that allow large-scale analytic computation, data harmonization, analysis, and visualizations, by collaborative and diverse sets of experts both at CHOP and across the globe.

Applying D³b’s Research Methodology, the D³b Center and its partners are reducing the time to discovery, clinical trial delivery, and improved care for children. Tasks that once took researchers years to complete can now be completed in minutes, made possible through D³b’s research platforms. These innovative platforms help to remove the current barriers to research within the Department of Surgery at CHOP, across the Research Institute, and throughout the entire scientific community. By breaking down silos, D³b is empowering and facilitating researchers everywhere to accelerate translational impact from the bench to the bedside.

One of the primary objectives of the D³b Center is to bring together expertise and connect resources from many of the world’s leading scientists, clinicians, and researchers, from across a wide number of disciplines, disease areas, and functional research spaces.

Accumulating this shared knowledge and understanding has helped advance research programs at CHOP, and across an additional 60 laboratories from institutions around the world. To date, D³b has forged new and long-lasting collaborative efforts with more than 35 national and international organizations. Over the past year, our experts shared their research at over 30 major conferences and meetings across the U.S. and around the globe.

At the close of its third fiscal year, D³b was awarded 13 new grants for issuance in FY18/FY19; secured $13.5 million in funding; published more than 115 articles across more than 20 leading scientific journals; submitted one patent application; supported new precision medicine clinical trials; and became a national steward of the largest collection of pediatric genomic data in the world.

The D³b Center has seen an increase in secured funding of more than 70% compared to previous years, supporting over 20 new research initiatives across a diverse, yet synergistic landscape of research areas in pediatric brain tumors, other solid and liquid pediatric cancers, immunotherapy, and collaborative cloud-based, global biomedical research analytic platforms.

This expansive, cross-disease, convergence research is a key focus area within D³b’s methodology. The D³b Center has expanded in size from just 13 full-time staff members in FY16, to more than 41 full-time staff members in FY18, with more than 20 additional matrix, supporting staff, students, and trainees.


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The mission of The Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine is to build a transformative healthcare discovery ecosystem providing innovative care for all children through collaborative, data driven science.

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