The Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D³b) is a transformative healthcare discovery ecosystem at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Research Institute, one of the largest pediatric research institutes in the U.S.

D³b’s multi-disciplinary team brings together experts in basic science, precision medicine, bioinformatics and genomic research to provide innovative and personalized care for children through collaborative, data-driven science.

Under its “open-science” model, the center drives the secure generation and integration of complex genomic and clinical patient data, and develops the open-access platforms that support collaborative discovery.

Researchers worldwide are able to access this information and work together to fully empower and share novel approaches to biological targets for precise, less toxic clinical treatments on behalf of children.

Created in January 2016, D³b is an example of CHOP’s commitment to advancing groundbreaking pediatric research by driving innovation through collaboration. The center is co-led by Adam Resnick, PhD, an expert in brain tumors and Phillip “Jay” Storm, MD, Division Chief of Neurosurgery.


Center Units


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About D³b MDRU Molecular Diagnostic Research Unit (MDRU)




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