Pre-Clinical Laboratory Research Unit

Develops and uses model systems to harness patient-centered approaches

D3b’s Laboratory Director, Mateusz Koptyra, PhD, works to extract RNA from a sample of brain tumor tissue.

The Preclinical Laboratory Research Unit (PCLRU) supports the D³b Center’s basic and translational research efforts. The PCLRU focuses its research on pediatric central nervous system and convergence research in Neuroscience. The primary goal of the PCLRU unit is to harness data-driven approaches on behalf of precision-based and targeted therapeutics using translational methodologies, including projects focused on the elucidation of cell signaling mechanisms of childhood development, oncogenesis, tumor progression, the creation and characterization of preclinical models, drug screening, development, and testing.


Priority Projects:

  • Fusion gene targeting
  • Cell line and pdx models drug testing
  • CAR Target development
  • mRNA-based immune modulation