Translational Imaging Research Unit

The Translational Imaging Research Unit (TIRU) hosts and manages large-scale, multi-site repositories of biomedical imaging data for researchers at CHOP and around the world as a core center for the Children’s Brain Tumor Network. The goal of this work is to provide researchers access to rich, complex datasets to ultimately accelerate discoveries in pediatric brain cancer and translate results back to patient care in the clinic.


Focus Area 1: Data processing & Analytics:

To support reproducible research, we develop scalable pipelines and standardized workflows for data processing and deploy them in a cloud-based ecosystem. Additionally, we leverage state of the art techniques in artificial intelligence and machine learning to extract complex imaging features and diagnostic biomarkers to perform predictive analytics of clinical measures. Our team involves both researchers and clinicians, creating a collaborative and impactful environment that unites ideas, methods, and data.


Focus Area 2: Cancer Imaging Research:

Our ongoing research projects include: (1) Relating imaging measurements to genetic and molecular characteristics of disease; (2) Utilizing molecular imaging to monitor treatment response in clinical trials; (3) Identifying and testing promising molecular imaging targets using in-vitro and small animal imaging (4) Applying deep learning to develop advanced methods for image analysis.