Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

The Clinical Research Unit (CRU) supports observational and interventional trials including the management of subject enrollment and consent, regulatory requirements, clinical data collection, and biospecimens. The CRU supports the Department of Surgery’s partnered research across the rare disease space, with a specific focus in pediatric brain tumors, epilepsy, and fetal birth defects such as craniofacial abnormalities.

Biospecimen Research Unit (BRU)

In collaboration with the CHOP Biorepository Core and the Department of Pathology, under the leadership of Mariarita Santi, MD, PhD, the Biospecimen Research Unit (BRU) is responsible for the standardized collection, processing, management, and distribution of samples for research
and discovery.

Molecular Diagnostic Research Unit (MDRU)

The Molecular Diagnostic Research Unit (MDRU) is directly partnered with the Department of Pathology’s Division of Genomic Diagnostics, under the leadership of Marylin Li, MD. The MDRU focuses on the research and development of innovative clinical platforms and tests. The MDRU concentrates its efforts on the clinical harnessing of multimodal molecular data generation and analysis of biomarkers for direct clinical application. The MDRU works to develop new methods and workflows to improve and optimize disease prognosis, clinical diagnostic effectiveness and specificity, and patient risk and treatment stratification.

Pre-clinical Laboratory Research Unit (PCLRU)

The Preclinical Laboratory Research Unit (PCLRU) supports the D³b Center’s basic and translational research efforts. The PCLRU focuses its research on pediatric central nervous system and convergence research in Neuroscience. The primary goal of the PCLRU unit is to harness data-driven approaches on behalf of precision-based and targeted therapeutics using translational methodologies, including projects focused on the elucidation of cell signaling mechanisms of childhood development, oncogenesis, tumor progression, the creation and characterization of preclinical models, drug screening, development, and testing.

Data Analytics Management & Engineering Unit (DaMEU)

The Data Analytics Management & Engineering Unit (DAMEU) empowers data-science approaches throughout the entire scientific and translational research process. The DAMEU unit is further structured into two main components, the Bioinformatics Team and the Data Engineering Team. The Bioinformatics team members focus on bioinformatics pipeline engineering, genomics data processing, downstream analysis, data integration and interpretation. The Data Engineering team members are responsible for designing, building, and operating software platforms and infrastructure for management, distribution, and scalable analysis of data.

Strategic Coordination Unit (SCU)

The Strategic Coordination Unit (SCU) provides key expertise in communications, business, financial and grant management, program and project management, strategic planning, operational infrastructure development, human resources, team development, and coordinates the execution of over 80 material transfer agreements, data disclosures, data use agreements, contracts,
and agreements.