Chordoma Foundation Biobank


The Chordoma Foundation (CF) biospecimens, clinical and genomic data via the expertise and tools created by the Center for Data Driven Discovery (D3b) at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to accelerate chordoma biospecimen based research. D3b will serve as not only the central biospecimen repository but also the phenotypic and genomic data management center for the Chordoma Foundation.

While the data and samples will remain under the ownership and purview of the CF, D3b will provide the central infrastructure to empower research and also have a representative seat on The CF “Scientific Advisory Board.” The scope of work includes all infrastructure planning, execution, implementation, and training to support biorepository activities; phenotypic data management linked to the biospecimen; complex genomic and molecular data management and visualization; and new scientific endeavors  partnership for scientific discovery by genomic data generation and preclinical disease modeling.


Primary Aims

Aim 1-  Accelerate and improve chordoma biospecimen research by leveraging the biospecimen repository infrastructure, expertise and sample handling technology at the Biorepository Core at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Aim 2– Accelerate chordoma translational research by leveraging innovative web-based research applications for data visualization and discovery at the Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D3b). This will allow for The Chordoma Foundation (CF) to have data harmonization with D3b to allow for a broadened scope of focus of scientific inquiry. The first scientific project will be to query INI1/SMARCB1 mutations/deletions and co-occurring mutations in the CF cohorts and the Children’s Brain Tumor Network (CBTN).

Aim 3– Generate pediatric preclinical models for drug screen testing to identify novel therapeutic strategies.

  1. The Preclinical Research Unit of the D3b will collaborate with the CF to generate patient derived cell lines and patient derived xenograft models.
  2. As the preclinical models are generated, D3bb will coordinate with the CF to prioritize drug screen


Participating Institutions







Distribution of Biobank Samples for Research

Chordoma biospecimens of varying types with associated clinical data are available to researchers worldwide. To request samples and/or clinical data please complete the Chordoma Foundation Biobank Sample Request Form which includes information on our review process and timeline for release of samples.

To maximize the use of the samples in multiple research studies by different labs, the Biorepository staff at CHOP will perform DNA and RNA extractions from tumor and normal tissues. In certain cases, aliquots of tumor tissue may be provided to researchers following proper justification and approval by the Chordoma Foundation.


Contact Information

To learn more about the Chordoma Foundation visit their website at or connect with them on social media via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube