MYB-QKI Drives Childhood Brain Tumors Via Tripartite Mechanism

Cell Cycle

January 12, 2017
Jain, P., and A. C. Resnick


Pediatric brain tumors are the leading cause of disease related death in children with pediatric low-grade gliomas (PLGGs) as the most commonly diagnosed sub-type. While surgery remains the mainstay of PLGG treatment, several patients can have non-resectable and/or disseminated tumors lead to significant tumor related morbidity. Furthermore, these slow-growing tumors are often challenging to treat with traditional chemotherapy and result in long-term neuro-toxicities in the context of the developing brain. Recently, others and we have sought to identify novel precision medicine approaches through more comprehensive profiling of the underlying mechanisms for PLGGs. In our most recent Nature Geneticspublication, we have focused on the rare PLGG subtype of angiocentric gliomas.