Statistical Plots in Oncologic Imaging, A Primer for Neuroradiologists

The Neuroradiology Journal

August 2, 2023
Bagheri, S., Taghvaei, M., Familiar, A., Haldar, D., Zandifar, A., Khalili, N., Vossough, A., & Nabavizadeh, A.


The simplest approach to convey the results of scientific analysis, which can include complex comparisons, is typically through the use of visual items, including figures and plots. These statistical plots play a critical role in scientific studies, making data more accessible, engaging, and informative. A growing number of visual representations have been utilized recently to graphically display the results of oncologic imaging, including radiomic and radiogenomic studies. Here, we review the applications, distinct properties, benefits, and drawbacks of various statistical plots. Furthermore, we provide neuroradiologists with a comprehensive understanding of how to use these plots to effectively communicate analytical results based on imaging data.