Hannah Calkins, MSIS

Data Integration Analyst

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Hannah Calkins is a Data Integration Analyst focusing on data modeling, migration, and transformation for the Children’s Brain Tumor Network and other related D3b initiatives. Prior to joining D3b in March of 2023, she worked on data modeling and harmonization for international research consortia at Sage Bionetworks. Throughout her career, Hannah has focused on data description, data integration, and metadata standards for novel datatypes in both the research and operational realms.

Hannah earned bachelors degrees in History and Political Science from the University of Wisconsin, and a Masters of Information studies from the University of Texas.  Hannah enjoys solving problems and working through new challenges, and is particularly interested in the ways that traditional Library and Information Science (LIS) approaches can be applied to the biomedical research space.  She is committed to improving the reusability and harmonization of biomedical data to advance discoveries in pediatric medicine. Hannah is excited to join D3b to work amongst folks with similar goals and interests.