David Beale, BSc

Research Technician

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

I am developing and maintaining tumor cell lines for the Children’s Brain Tumor Network and for other projects moving forward. I will also be working on characterizing organoids generated in lab and validating them for future use in potential therapeutic drug screening studies.

I worked at Haverford College as a teacher’s assistant for the junior-level “Superlab” course, helping students design and develop independent projects correlating sleep and nociception in the fruit fly model. I also conducted independent research on a fruit fly model for Parkinson’s at Haverford.

My goal is to work hard and think critically in order to provide as much insight as possible to the different projects we are working on. I’m intimately aware of the devastation of cancer with my mom passing of metastatic breast cancer in 2018. Knowing what patients and families go through inspires me to do my utmost to help maximize the potential for our research to lead to more successful and less invasive cancer therapies.