Deep Gandhi, MS

Imaging Data Analyst

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Deep Gandhi is an Imaging Data Analyst responsible for using and developing scalable pipelines for pediatric brain tumor image analysis – specifically deep learning models for pediatric brain tumor segmentation and machine learning models for survival prediction, extracting key insights from the data which can ultimately help inform clinical decision making.

Prior to joining CHOP in June of 2023, Deep worked as a Medical Imaging Analyst at Mayo Clinic – Rochester, where he led the preclinical image acquisition & analysis and clinical image analysis for renal and cardiac MRI data. Prior to that, he worked as a Research Assistant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, where his focus was on abdominal and cardio-thoracic MR image analysis in neonates.

Deep completed a B.E. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Mumbai before completing an MS in Biomedical Engineering from The Ohio State University. His goal is harness the power of artificial intelligence models for medical image analysis and believes it can create impact and lead to positive outcomes in the treatment of pediatric brain tumors.