Mike Kelly, MS

Sr. Data Integration Analyst

Biorepository Core

Mike Kelly is the BioRepository Core Operations Manager with responsibility for the execution of repository activities within the CHOP Research Institute.   He oversees operations-related tasks including purchasing, equipment implementation, equipment monitoring and software deployment, as well as management of the biorepository facility and routine lab management tasks.  

Mike is responsible for building and testing LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) workflows for sample processing from user-specification documents.  Additionally, he writes validation scripts, user manuals, and requirements documentation including Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs)

Prior to joining CHOP in January of 2013, Mike worked as a LIMS consultant and in support roles for GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Omicsoft Corp.

Mike earned a BS in Biology from Millersville University before earning an MS in Microbiology from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. He is committed to assisting with the collection of biological samples and associated data for the D³b initiative to provide an outstanding resource for the research of pediatric cancers and other childhood diseases.