Meen Chul Kim, MS

Data Engineeer

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Meen Chul Kim is a Data Engineer responsible for the development of scalable data platforms for scientific research in pediatrics. He collaborates with researchers and other engineers to design and build data discovery tools in cancer and rare diseases.

Before joining CHOP in 2018, Meen Chul worked on developing a drug post-marketing surveillance system for detecting unreported adverse reactions harnessing social media and consumer health vocabulary at Drexel University. He also developed a BI dashboard application for the impact analysis and evaluation of lighting installation at Philips Research North America.

Meen Chul earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Science from Yonsei University in Korea before completing an MS in Information Science from Simmons College, MA. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Information Science at Drexel University.