Neel Kuila, BS

Infrastructure Engineer

Neel Kuila is an Infrastructure Engineer responsible for building tools and infrastructure to abstract away software details to accelerate internal and external teams development.

Prior to joining CHOP, Neel worked at Bandwidth developing APIs to send text messages before switching to infrastructure work. He also was the tech lead at SentinelOne where he revamped a lot of the product to meet Fedramp compliance and opened up a large swath of the government market.

Neel earned a BS in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. For many reasons, he felt a calling to medical research, and realized his impact would be multiplied if he could leverage his prior software experience. Cancer research especially drew him as the impact is so unambiguously beneficial. Neel felt the opportunity to work at D3b just landed in his lap as if handed to him by some greater hand, so here he is!