Kaitlin Lehmann, MA

Clinical Research Program Manager

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Kaitlin Lehmann is the Clinical Research Program Manager for a number of studies throughout the center including the Children’s Brain Tumor Network, CORSICA, the Epilepsy Genetics Research Protocol, the Cerebrovascular Malformations Registry, Pario, and the Biofluids Repository. She oversees the operations of these studies in addition to the members of her team that consists of 4 Clinical Research Coordinators and 3 Research Assistants. Kaitlin primarily assists with implementing new workflows for these studies as well as ensuring compliance when preparing for audits. Kaitlin developed the Onboarding Training Program for new personnel joining D3b to the Clinical Research Team that includes quality control to improve data accuracy. Kaitlin’s other priority is developing and supporting her team to obtain their goals and further their professional development.

Before starting as a Clinical Research Coordinator at CHOP in 2019, Kaitlin received her Master’s degree in Psychology from American University and her Bachelor’s in Psychology with minors in Education and German from Wagner College. Before joining D3b, she pursued a wide variety of research opportunities including eye tracking in patients with Borderline Personality Disorder, clinical research trials in Orthopaedics, behavioral science methods to assess use of energy saving technology, and lastly, imaging studies in Oncology.

Kaitlin is committed to helping children with rare diseases through impactful research, supporting D3b Leadership, and empowering families to engage with research.