Matthew Lueder, MSc

Bioinformatics Engineer

Division of Genomic Diagnostics

Matthew Lueder is a Bioinformatics Engineer responsible for supporting the development of new clinical sequencing assays by designing and testing bioinformatics pipelines and tools. He also provides bioinformatics support for existing assays. Matthew’s work at CHOP spans across multiple departments; He is a member of the Cancer Research and Development team within the Division of Genomic Diagnostics and also supports research initiatives at the Center for Data-Driven Discovery in Biomedicine (D3b) by developing data pipelines which connect DGD and D3b infrastructure to transfer and transform clinical genomics data for immediate use in cancer research and precision medicine tumor boards. He also supports research at D3b by aiding in the development of analysis workflows.

Prior to joining CHOP in March of 2022, Matthew worked for Leidos as a contractor for the US Navy’s Biological Defense Research Directorate. There, he worked on phage and novel virus genome characterization, metagenomic profiling, and SARS-CoV-2 sequencing.

Matthew completed both a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Medical and Bioinformatics at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. He is driven to work here because it is fulfilling to know that his work can lead to improvements in other people’s lives. It gives Matthew a sense of purpose that his day-to-day work can play a part in helping the advancement of life-saving research and medicine.