Wendy Payton, BBA

Director of Communications

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Introducing Wendy Payton, Director of Communications for D3b’s Strategic Coordination Unit. With a BBA degree from Cleary University and a wealth of experience, Wendy leads a talented team of professionals, working together to devise ingenious strategies and practical programs that bring communication initiatives to their full potential. She excels at connecting D3b and its various units with the right plans, partners, and actions, enhancing marketing and branding objectives.

Wendy’s extensive background in marketing communications spans diverse sectors, from Fortune 500 companies to healthcare institutions, startups, and nonprofit foundations. Her fearless approach and energetic dedication have contributed to the success of numerous brands.

What truly drives Wendy is her unwavering mission—to accelerate the end of childhood brain tumors and other rare diseases, forever. At the Center, she channels her expertise and collaborates with her exceptional team to achieve this ambitious goal.