Emily Reed, BS

Communications Coordinator

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

As a Communications Coordinator, Emily is responsible for developing various public relations and marketing materials, including press releases, blog posts, and newsletters. Her exceptional writing skills and creative mindset enable her to craft compelling and engaging content that captivates. Additionally, Emily possesses a keen analytical ability, allowing her to track and report on the effectiveness of marketing and communications campaigns. She also plays a vital role in coordinating communications projects.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University, Emily brings a solid foundation in marketing and journalism to her role. Since joining our team, she has been instrumental in executing and monitoring our communications strategies.

“Collaboration is at the heart of who I am. I value the diverse perspectives and insights of my colleagues, and actively seek opportunities to work alongside talented teams. I firmly believe that the best results are achieved through collective effort. I understand that authenticity and relatability can create stronger connections. So, by striking a balance between professionalism and a genuine human touch, I aim to establish meaningful connections with audiences.”