Natasha Singh, MS

Software Engineering Manager

Center for Data Driven Discovery in Biomedicine

Natasha Singh is a Software Engineering Manager responsible for developing, testing, and implementing scalable software platforms for storing, sharing, and analyzing clinical and genomic pediatric data. Currently Natasha’s focus is on building the Kids First Pediatric Data Resource Center, a centralized, cloud-based database and data discovery portal of curated clinical and genetic sequence data from thousands of patients and their families battling childhood cancer and structural birth defects.

Prior to joining CHOP in December 2017, Natasha was a software engineer at Lockheed Martin where she led teams to build mission planning software applications and ballistic missile defense simulations for the US Navy.

Natasha earned a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an MS in System’s Engineering from Cornell University. She is passionate about building software to help researchers analyze complex data and uncover new clues that could improve treatments or cure childhood cancer.